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About our Store

Amika Boutique is the ultimate fashion Online destination in women’s Customised designer and Bridal collections from Tamilnadu and other south Indian states. Launched In 2020 we have dedicated ourselves to fashion and retail. In doing so we have offered the pleasure of good taste and design for two years of satisfied clientele. These people are our real heritage and our relationships with them make our brand pride.

Fashion is a medium of expression and over the years we have selected the best brands in women’s fashion to express the essence of being a woman through art and creativity. At Amika, we aim to not only make women feel and look spectacularly beautiful but also to allow them to express their individuality and timeless sense of style.

We deliver a pleasant and attractive shopping experience. Our wide selection of garments is sure to satisfy all types of palates and allow women to appreciate the art that we have assembled from across the globe. Our stores are set up in a way that allows our clientele to experiment with the different styles of our many lines, providing them a memorable shopping adventure that they will want to come back to again and again.

Personal Service: At The Heart Of All We Do

Whether you visit us in one of our stores or online, our commitment is first and foremost to customer service. Our in store personal shopping teams are at your service for your every need, from finding the right size to locating or reserving your most wanted items to a full makeover of your wardrobe.

We are very passionate about colours and designs. We always believe that we can make your moment more elegant and fulfilled. If you want to create a custom made design or to modify the current design, please do let us know. We are happy to serve you.

What Our Customer Say

I had a great experience shopping here. The dress came out so well as expected. The design was so elegant and the fitting was absolutely perfect. Recieved my daughter's dress in such a short time and I was completely satisfied with the overall experience. she was so sweet and friendly with her customers. Her work is very creative and worth for the price.

Hema Dharani Customer

Hi Amika Boutique , We are pleasure to Say that Your Customised Mom & Baby Dress was Looks Fantabulous....Product Design looks So Classy & Stiching Suits Perfect...Thanks for Your Ontime Delivery ...

Hari Krish Customer

Amika Boutique is wonderful. I had a bad experience with someone else so I was nervous about trying a new tailor but my dresses from Amika came out very well. Prathima is knowledgeable and takes time to listen to what you want, then quickly gets you the best result. I will definitely be coming back.

Suja N Customer

Excellent stiching and amazing quality of fabrics.You can blindly trust the designer Mrs.Prathima for the designs quality of fabrics,she chooses only the best of best..No second alterations in her stiching only perfect fitting,not only for me..even for my kids amazing stiching...

Pavithra Jagan Customer

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